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Sydney Hair Loss Clinic

Hair and Skin Science currently has three locations. Sydney CBD, Ashwood (Melbourne) and Melbourne CBD. All clinics offer PRP hair regrowth, skin treatments and injectables. We are committed to providing results, affordability and an outstanding service. Here are a few things that makes us different: 

  • We combine micro-needling and PRP injections to maximise your results, this is a separate service at most clinics.
  • PRP Injections in conjunction with micro-needling has found to be the most effective method for regrowing hair.
  • Micro-needling stimulates blood circulation of the scalp, encouraging the production of growth factors.
  • We seriously care about hair loss. 
  • 100% money-back guarantee so you’ve got nothing to worry about :-). 

About Hair & Skin Science Sydney

Hair and Skin Science opened their 3rd clinic in the heart of Sydney CBD in 2019 where we offer the same outstanding service with the most affordable prices that our customers came to love us for in Melbourne. Jenna’s mission has been to service clients throughout Australia and eventually Asia and parts of Europe. 

Working in the industry for over 20 years, Jenna made it her mission to provide the most affordable PRP hair regrowth, skin treatments and injectables throughout Australia. In only a couple of years, due to the outstanding services & loyal customer base, Hair and Skin Science has been able to quickly build their reputation as the-go-to place for results & affordability in Melbourne and we’re on track to do the same in Sydney.

With the help of our lead doctor, Dr. Shin Li How, Royce Newton, our business developer, Hair and Skin Science is growing fast and we’ll be opening up more clinics throughout Australia, Asia and possible New Zealand.

PRP is a brilliant treatment and we’re very proud of the results we’re able to get for our customers. As far as we’re concerned, the further we can spread the treatment, the better. So if you’re struggling with hair loss, male pattern baldness or female hair thinning, give us a call or book online and let’s talk. The first consultation is free :-). 

Treatments in Sydney

Natural Hair Regrowth
Skin Treatments

Can’t find the treatment you’re interested in? It’s possible we offer it in Sydney, it just isn’t listed. Get in touch to find out more.

Where to Find Us

Hair and Skin Science
Suite 12
Level 7/428 George St
NSW 2000

Our Sydney team is small but growing fast. 

  • Jenna Chan – Director
  • Dr. Shin Li How – Sydney lead doctor and practice manager
  • Royce Newton – Head of Customer Service & Business Development

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At Hair & Skin Science, we provide free consultations with our friendly and experienced Doctors & cosmetic nurses.

We are still opening for our medical PRP hair treatment!