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PRP Vampire Facial in Sydney

The vampire facial is the popular name for PRP facial treatments. It’s an effective treatment for a range of skin conditions, including wrinkles, crow’s feet, fine lines and the many signs of ageing.

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PRP treatments in Sydney are popular because they use your own growth factors in the treatment, so it’s entirely natural.

That means no surgery, no cosmetic procedures, no chemicals and no pharmaceuticals.

Your own blood used to help regenerate your own skin!

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An important health & safety message

We strongly recommend patients check if their PRP provider performing the PRP hair or skin treatment is performed at a minimum by a registered nurse. Registered nurses are trained in patient safety and hygiene protocols.

We also recommend patients confirm if an Australian medical doctor has contributed to the treatment protocols.

About vampire facial treatments in Sydney

The vampire facial got its name because it uses your own blood in the treatment. While not the most welcoming name possible, there’s no doubting its popularity!

Vampire facials, PRP facial treatments, use your own blood to help rejuvenate your skin.

It can help tackle:

  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Reducing crow’s feet
  • Loose or sagging skin
  • Hyper pigmentation and discoloured skin
  • Smoothing skin
  • And many other signs of ageing

PRP facials in Sydney are very popular for a number of reasons. There’s no surgery involved, noinvasive procedures, no chemicals or fillers and no pharmaceuticals required.

Procedures are fast, require no recovery and can be completed in less than an hour. What more could you need?

Before and after your vampire facial in Sydney

As vampire facials are minimally invasive, they require very little preparation and very little aftercare.

Before your procedure, make sure you stop taking any medication that affects blood platelet function.

We would recommend checking with your physician before stopping any treatments or medication.

After your procedure, be gentle with your skin, minimize exposure to direct sunlight and use a natural moisturizer to help replenish moisture in the skin.

We can suggest moisturizers if you need us to.

It is rare to experience side effects but you may experience tenderness in the treated area. You may also feel a tingling sensation, which is perfectly normal and should pass within a couple of hours

How do PRP facials in Sydney work?

The entire PRP facial treatment process is refreshingly simple.

Appointments last around 45 minutes.

We’ll make you comfortable in our discreet clinic and draw a little blood, like a blood test.

We will then place the blood in a centrifuge to help separate the blood so we can get what we need.

Your blood has three components; plasma, red blood cells and platelet rich plasma. We want the platelet rich plasma as it contains growth factors.

These elements are used throughout your body for healing, growth and regeneration. All we do is concentrate it and target it where you need it most.

Once separated and concentrated, we load a special microneedler with the PRP solution and inject it into the affected area.

We then apply a yellow LED light to the treated area to minimise redness and to help healing.

We use red LED light as it’s thought to help reduce swelling and inflammation and accelerate the healing process.

Once complete, you’re safe to leave and go about your day!

The vast majority of patients experience no redness or tenderness after treatments but it is possible.

Fortunately, that’s the worst you’re likely to see, which is another reason why vampire facials are so popular.

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Vampire facial FAQs

No, vampire facials are not painful. Despite the name, vampire facials are mostly painless and you should experience no, or very little, discomfort. We work hard to minimize any potential discomfort and the microneedler device has been designed to be as painless as possible. Some patients experience tingling or tenderness after PRP treatments but these are in the minority.
A vampire facial treatment in Sydney should take around 45 minutes. We have designed the treatments to be as quick and as painless as possible. Once complete, you should be free to leave and go about your day.
The beauty of this treatment is that it leaves no sign. You could visit in a lunch hour, after work or before an engagement and nobody would be the wiser!
Everyone is different and people react to any procedure in different ways. Much depends on your age, state of health, nutrition and genetics, so it’s impossible to give specific timescales.
In our experience, people on average begin seeing improvements within 4-6 weeks. PRP facial treatments are cumulative, so will take a little time to begin showing results.
Again, it’s impossible to say with any certainty how long the effects of a vampire facial will last. Like, the time it takes to begin showing results, much depends on your age, current skin condition, any underlying conditions, health and genetics.

However, our experiences so far tell us that most clients can benefit from their vampire facial in Sydney for up to 18 months. We can schedule regular top ups to help maintain your new look so there’s nothing to worry about.
The number of PRP facials you need depends on your skin, the issue we are tackling and your overall health and wellbeing. That said, we tend to recommend a course of 5 treatments over the course of 2-3 months for maximum results.

Once you’re experiencing the benefits of the vampire facial, we can schedule regular top ups to maintain your new look. We can discuss specifics at a consultation.
No, there is generally no recovery time required after a vampire facial in Sydney. The treatment has been designed to be as non-invasive as possible and should require no recovery time.

The vast majority of clients walk out of the clinic with no signs they have undergone a procedure. In rare cases, you may experience redness or mild bruising at the treatment site. You may also experience tingling or tenderness, but this is very rare.
Yes, vampire facials are safe. It’s your blood we’re using after all! We use no chemicals, no fillers, no drugs and no artificial ingredients. It’s all about the growth factors in your own blood.
This makes vampire facials as safe as any procedure can be and also reduces the chances of side effects to almost zero!

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