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PRP Hair Loss Treatments in Sydney & Melbourne

PRP hair loss treatment can be a non-surgical option for men and women who are suffering from hair loss and thinning. It’s a very safe treatment that uses your own blood platelets which can help stimulate hair regrowth.

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What Makes our PRP Hair Loss Treatment Different?

About our PRP Hair Loss Treatments in Sydney & Melbourne

PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma. This hair loss treatment involves three steps. First, the nurse collects blood, which is drawn from the patient’s arm. The blood is processed in a centrifuge, which separates the platelets. Then, the platelet-rich plasma is injected into the regions of the scalp where the hair is thinning combined with micro-needling the entire scalp.

PRP is rich in white blood cells and growth factors, which can send messages to skin cells to function as optimally as they can. The PRP is precisely injected at half-inch intervals across thinning or bald areas combined with micro-needling the entire scalp.

Injecting combined with micro-needling PRP into the scalp can boost blood supply to the follicle. It helps to activate natural hair growth and can make the hair shaft thicker. Some of the reasons that it’s an ideal option for hair loss are that PRP can increase hair count, encourages thickness and can extend the hair cycle’s growth stage.

Because the treatment uses your own blood, you don’t have to worry about being at risk of a communicable disease. You’ll grow your own hair naturally. Therefore, it can be an effective and safe way to regrow hair for suitable candidates with hair loss. Candidates for this treatment may include people with:

  • Genetic hair loss
  • Androgenetic alopecia
  • Stress-related hair loss

People with early hair loss tend to respond best to this therapy. You can even use this type of hair loss treatment in combination with other regrowth methods.

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PRP Hair Injections
Male PRP Hair loss treatment injection

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Details About PRP Hair Loss Treatment

It is recommended that people initially undergo treatment every 2-3 weeks. Getting regular treatments can help ensure that the hair follicles are continually stimulated.

Each treatment takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes. The length of time necessary for each visit depends on the area that’s being treated. The needles that are used are extremely fine, making the procedure almost pain free. The nurse may use a topical numbing product to block sensation on the scalp and reduce the risk of any discomfort.

People who undergo PRP hair loss treatment usually notice a dramatic decrease in shedding fairly soon. Their hair may begin to sprout, and it can often grow faster than expected. Still, it can take some time to notice the change. Hair grows usually about half an inch every month. Hair and Skin Science has found that patients usually notice significant results in 3 months from the beginning of treatment.

Side effects are possible with any cosmetic procedure. However, the risks of potential adverse reactions from this PRP hair loss treatment are generally low. Some soreness or bruising may occur, but it is rare.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

  • Men or women experiencing hair loss or thinning.
  • Men and women wanting a natural treatment (no prescription medication).
  • Men or women experiencing alopecia.
  • Women or men suffering from genetic hair loss or thinning.

It involves tiny precision laid injections around stubborn areas (usually the frontal and crown), which are painless, to be inserted intradermally (best layer of the scalp to stimulate follicle growth and thickness). These injections are combined with meso-needling the entire scalp.

We are able to penetrate this layer to help stimulate the follicle growth. The Platelet Rich Plasma has growth factors and stem cell stimulating cells, which can rejuvenate the hair follicles and promote growth. The skin itself is not damaged but rather stimulated as well, giving a shiny appearance to the skin after treatment. The thickness of the follicle can also improve with stimulation by platelets and growth factors in the PRP. We have found from our clients the procedure can reinvigorate the hair cycle and attempt to grow new follicles whilst improving the thickness/strength of scalp hair.

No. Results are not instantaneous but hair growth usually starts to become visible in about 4-6 weeks (case by case). Hair thickness and more hair follicles are usually the most prominent benefits . Growth factors can take a long time to stimulate the hair follicles completely. A minimum of 6 months is required to see the full potential benefits of this treatment. 

A sample of your blood is taken first and then with a centrifuge process, the growth factor and platelet cells are extracted.Our Cosmetic nurses will skilfully place tiny injections into the stubborn areas where there is hair loss and thinning (typically frontal and crown). These injections are then combined with microneedling the entire scalp for blood circulation (which can be an important factor in nutrients being delivered into the hair follicles). 

After the treatment, the skin may appear shiny and flushed. Clients can expect minimal downtime of 4-6 hours post treatment. Many clients return to work after treatment. 

Treatments should be performed every 2-3 weeks for approximately 6 to 12 times in order to achieve optimum results. A top-up treatment may be required at the 3 month point depending on the results obtained.

The results of PRP treatment are usually most noticeable after 4-6 months. Most patients usually require touch-up injections once every 3-6 months. 

Treatment Summary

Number of Treatments

6 to 12

Procedure Time

30 Minutes

Recovery Time


Maximum Results

Up to 1 year


1 session $350
6 sessions $1300 ($216 per session)
12 sessions $1950 ($163 per session)

Disclaimer: We are all unique. This means that treatment plans, the results, down time and recovery following treatment will vary from patient to patient. The information presented on this website should be used as a guide only.

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