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The Hair and Skin Science Canberra hair clinic is a national leader in PRP hair and skin treatments, PRF hair and skin treatments, vampire facials and a range of other innovative cosmetic treatments.

We excel in delivering affordable, high quality treatments to tackle a wide range of common conditions. All treatments are non-surgical, accessible and will be delivered by qualified experts in their field.

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Hair and Skin Science have been delivering first class cosmetic treatments in Australia for many years.

Treatments can help tackle hair loss, thinning hair, wrinkles and fine lines, scarring, discoloration and the many signs of ageing. Treatments are available for both men and women.

We have a long track record of success, a series of modern clinics across Australia and have successfully completed over 100,000 procedures.

With clinics in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Gold Coast and Canberra, we are well-placed to deliver cosmetic treatments to both men and women.

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Canberra hair Specialist

Hair and Skin Science has earned a fantastic reputation for delivering safe, discreet cosmetic procedures to men and women throughout Australia.

We have clinics in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Gold Coast and now Canberra. Each clinic delivers high quality care in hygienic surroundings, using experts in their field.

Clinics can treat hair loss, thinning hair, alopecia, genetic hair loss, stress-related hair loss, wrinkles and fine lines, uneven skin tone, scarring, skin discoloration and a whole lot more.

All procedures are safe and are performed under controlled circumstances by qualified experts.

Every treatment offered by Hair and Skin Science is well-established and is highly regarded for being effective.

Hair and Skin Science has been around for over 30 years and has earned a reputation for delivering cost-effective cosmetic procedures to anyone who needs them.

The company is run by Jenna Chan who has helped develop our treatments and has built the company into a leader in its field.

Hair and Skin Science has doctors and registered nurses. Their registered nurses  are qualified and experienced and undergo regular training and assessment to ensure your complete safety and satisfaction.

We believe in delivering exceptional standards of care while remaining affordable. It’s something we’re very passionate about!

As a Canberra hair specialist, Hair and Skin Science offers a range of cutting-edge treatments to men and women.

Treatments include:

PRF hair loss treatments are the newest version of PRP hair loss treatments. This new procedure can been shown to deliver even better results!

PRF, Platelet Rich Fibrin, uses similar principles to PRP. We still draw a tiny amount of blood, but rather than separating it entirely, we use a newer method that keeps fibrin, stem cells and white blood cells within the plasma.

This combination has even more power to heal and regenerate than the PRP method, which is why it’s so popular.

The solution is applied directly to the affected area using a microneedler to encourage hair follicles to regenerate and regrow hair.

The combination of growth factors, including stem cells, is a much more potent treatment. It is one of the reasons why PRF hair loss treatments are among our most popular procedures.

Treatment is fast, safe and discreet. Even more reasons to try it!

PRF skin treatment uses the same potential as PRF hair treatments to tackle many common skin conditions.

The new solution includes growth factors, fibrin, stem cells and white blood cells. We prepare and apply the solution to affected areas to help promote the production of elastin and collagen which can help tackle many skin conditions.

We firmly believe PRF skin treatments are effective at treating the many signs of ageing including wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin, lack of skin tone, acne scarring, hyper-pigmentation and other conditions.

PRF skin treatments are completely non-invasive, safe and require no recovery time.

PRP hair loss treatment is a very popular and highly regarded treatment for hair loss. Our Canberra hair doctor offers PRP treatments because they still work as well as they always have.

PRP hair loss treatment uses the healing power of your own blood to help tackle common hair loss problems.

PRP, Platelet Rich Plasma, is taken from your blood. We separate blood plasma and its growth factors before applying it to your scalp to help regenerate hair follicles.

These growth factors are used throughout your body to help healing and we have simply refined and improved that system to tackle other conditions too.

Those growth factors are targeted at hair follicles to encourage them to regenerate and begin growing hair again.

We have seen thousands of Australians regrow hair using this method and hope to see many more.

PRP skin treatments use the same principles as PRP hair treatments, but for skin. Here we target problem areas that suffer from wrinkles, fine lines, scarring, discoloration and other conditions.

We take blood and refine it like we do with the hair treatment. We then use a microneedler to apply the solution directly at the site of the issue.

It is firmly believed that the PRP solution helps promote the generation of collagen and elastin, two elements essential for firm, young looking skin.

Treatments are fast, safe and non-invasive. Ideal for our busy lives!

Our Canberra hair specialists are also experts in PRP, or vampire facials. This is a specific Platelet Rich Plasma treatment targeted at the face.

Vampire facials use the potent blood plasma solution full of growth factors to target problem areas such as wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet, sagging skin, discoloration, scarring and other conditions.

The healing potential in the plasma can encourage the regrowth of skin cells, collagen and elastin to help tackle a wide variety of conditions in both men and women.

While the name isn’t the friendliest, it is fast and causes minimal discomfort. It requires no recovery time either!

PRP hand rejuvenation is another specialist treatment offered by our Canberra hair doctor.

It uses the same principles as PRP hair treatment and PRP facials, but targeted at your hands.

Our hands tell our truth. No matter how good your face looks, it’s your hands that show the real you. That’s why PRP hand rejuvenation is so popular.

It uses the healing power of your blood to tackle loose or sagging skin, wrinkles, scars and other conditions.

Other Cosmetic Procedures at the Canberra Hair Clinic

We may be PRF and PRP specialists, but that isn’t all we do here at Hair and Skin Science. We also provide a selection of other popular cosmetic treatments.

 Microneedling uses a specialist injection device to deliver collagen directly into problem areas of your skin. It’s a fast, effective way to tackle the signs of ageing.

Laser skin resurfacing uses a specialist medical laser to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It’s fast, safe and can deliver amazing results!

Anti-wrinkle treatments use skin relaxants to help even out the skin across your hands and face to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Dermal fillers are an exceptionally popular treatment for specific areas such as lips and cheeks. We use safe hyaluronic acid injections to add instant volume.

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