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Why do I have dark circles under my eyes?

Dark circles under your eyes is a different condition to when you have an infection or a “black eye.” It is as the name implies, when you have a darker colouration under your lower eyelids.

The good news is that it is not usually connected to major health problems and there are treatments available. 

But first, let’s take a look at what causes dark circles under your eyes.


Perhaps the most common reason you have dark circles under your eyes is simply because you are over tired.

Sleep deprivation can cause the skin to become more dull and paler and thus exposes the darker tissue and blood vessels beneath your skin more.

When we are tired we tend to rub our eyes more as well which can contribute to the discolouration. Also fluid build up because of tiredness is common and causes puffy eyes.

Obviously the cure for being too tired is to sleep more, but it isn’t always as simple as it sounds. There could be many factors as to why you aren’t getting enough sleep and some reports also say that oversleeping can also contribute to dark circles under the eyes.

Sleep science is an interesting topic, but one that we aren’t going to dive into here. Just know that lack or too much sleep can be a major factor in dark circles under your eyes.


As we age, the skin becomes weaker and thinner. Decreased circulation as well as loss of fat and collagen can affect the skin’s flexibility and can emphasise the dark circles under your eyes.

Age is something that we cannot fight directly, we will all get older, but the effects of age can be mitigated through certain procedures. Not all hope is lost just because you are getting older. But just realise that age combined with tiredness can be a real trigger for dark circles under your eyes.


Your family history can be a huge factor in having dark circles under your eyes. If it is a condition that runs in your family, it may just be a matter of time before you experience it too.

Being predisposed to other conditions as well such as thyroid disease, circulation problems, insomnia, dermatological conditions, or even allergies can all play a role in dark circles under your eyes.

It can seem quite hopeless if you know that it is something that runs in your family, but we have only just listed potential causes, we will now talk about some dark circles under your eyes.

Treatments for dark circles under your eyes

Eye rejuvenation treatments such as Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) treatments for under eyes is a great alternative for individuals looking for a non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical and zero recovery time procedure. 

PRP treatments utilise the power of your blood and can be injected straight into your affected areas without leaving any marks. 

Similarly PRF (Platelet-rich Fibrin) treatment is another treatment available that tackles hollowness, dark circles, puffiness and discolouring surrounding your eyes.

These treatments are quick and effective and we have performed thousands of them with great success.

Contact us today to discuss what treatment is right for you and get rid of the dark circles under your eyes in a safe, effective and affordable way with one of Australia’s leading Hair and Skin professionals. 




Jenna Chan

Jenna Chan

Jenna Chan is the founder and director of Hair and Skin Science and has worked in the hair loss industry for over 20 years.

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