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What is a Vampire Facial?

You may have heard of a vampire facial from none other than Kim Kardashian. In 2013 Kim Kardashian got a vampire facial and this beauty trend blew up.

Although you may think you are getting ready for Halloween, it is actually an advanced treatment that can make your face look tighter, younger and newer.

Another name for this treatment is PRP Microneedling. This procedure utilises your own blood to enrich your skin.

Perhaps you have wrinkles or you’ve noticed your skin isn’t as youthful as it once was. Looking for a treatment that reduces wrinkles, and gives you an awesome story for your socials, then perhaps you should consider a vampire facial.

Vampire facials work by taking your blood and spinning it in a centrifuge in order to separate the platelets and plasma from the blood. What happens then is the platelet rich plasma is micro-needled into the face which promotes collagen production and healing.

Your body is kind of tricked into sending more blood and cells to the face area as it believes there is an “injury.” This causes your face to rejuvenate and replenish itself using the nutrients supplied by the body.

Because it is a mixture derived from your own body, it is more easily accepted and looks more natural than other treatments available. Plus you don’t need to worry about cross-contamination or anything like that.

Vampire facials or PRP Microneedling can do more than just tighten the skin and reduce wrinkles. It can also help improve the appearance of scars, treat acne and also skin pigmentations.

It can be daunting to dive into a vampire facial, especially if all you know and see about it is from social media, but it is a natural and easy procedure that when conducted by professionals can yield remarkable results.

If you are considering a vampire facial one of the considerations may be cost. A vampire facial cost can vary from person to person as the treatment needs can vary depending on the severity of the wrinkles, scars or pigmentation. Some may only need one treatment, while others may need a few in order to see lasting results.

The best way to understand the cost of a vampire facial is to discuss the procedure with our team. We can help break down the procedure, the requirements as well as assess your individual needs.

Our team understands the value in facial treatments like PRP (vampire facials), and we work with you in order to ensure a tailored approach.

We not only conduct the procedure, which typically takes about 45 minutes, but we also help you with post treatment, by offering a complimentary Red LED light treatment which can help accelerate the healing process and stimulate collagen production further.

If you are thinking about a vampire facial but haven’t been fully convinced, then call our friendly team today to learn more. We can help you understand the ins and outs of a vampire facial and whatever is the best plan for your particular needs.

Royce Newton

Royce Newton

Royce is responsible for expanding Hair and Skin Science throughout Australia, Asia and part of Europe.

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