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What causes wrinkles?

Although wrinkles are a natural part of ageing, they impact individuals differently. Some people welcome wrinkles as they travel through life, while others want to retain their youthful looking skin. 

Genetics play a role with how you may develop wrinkles, including when they’ll start to be more prominent. But generally, wrinkles form because we age and the skin naturally loses its elasticity and toughness. The skin dries out as our body ages and the natural oils that once helped our skin remain bouncy and flat decreases, contributing to the formation of wrinkles.

Another cause for wrinkles is exposure to sunlight.

Australia especially is known for our hot sun and we love to bask in it and perhaps get a nice tan, but over time the skin’s connective tissue are broken down and can cause early wrinkling.

Collagen and elastin fibres are affected by UV light, which again, excessive sunlight or tanning can cause, increasing the amount and earliness of wrinkles.

Smoking is another cause that accelerates wrinkles. It weakens the skin and allows wrinkles to form more easily.

One last cause that we’ll discuss is that of facial expressions. It sounds bizarre but repeated facial expressions or movements can contribute to wrinkles. The expressions use muscles in the face that form grooves beneath the skin as you age the flexibility decreases hence wrinkles form. Examples would be squinting or smiling. 

How can I treat wrinkles?

Now that we have broken down what causes wrinkles, let’s discuss what you can do to effectively treat wrinkles.

Firstly, you can limit your exposure to sunlight and think about reducing smoking if that is something you indulge in. But regardless, you will still notice wrinkles as you age and you may be looking for a more effective treatment option.

Platelet-rich plasma or PRP is a treatment that encourages the healing processes of the skin and helps bring back a youthful glow. 

Using the power of your blood and plasma to stimulate the collagen and elastin, two primary ingredients in healthy, younger-looking skin. 

PRP skin treatments are a popular choice to help combat wrinkles as it is completely safe and utilises the body’s natural processes to refresh the skin. It is also non-invasive and accessible for both men and women.

Creams can only do so much and ultimately treating wrinkles with chemicals or surgery is certainly a path some take, but not everyone is wanting to make that commitment. 

Of course having a healthy lifestyle and looking after your skin, which is your body’s largest organ, is essential and can greatly impact how you age, but the march of time affects everyone and if you are looking for a non-surgical and natural option to fight wrinkles, PRP treatment is the way to go.

Time waits for no one and wrinkles remind us of that constantly. Our dedicated team has worked with thousands of patients to provide them with safe, effective and affordable wrinkle treatments. 

If you are noticing more wrinkles than you’d like or perhaps want to tackle this problem early, contact us for a consultation and learn what options are available and right for you.



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