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Treatments for Loose Skin

Having loose skin can be a big confidence destroyer and a non-stop reminder of the passing of time. Whatever reasons you may have for wanting tighter, younger looking skin, there are treatment options available.

In this article we will breakdown some of the treatments for loose skin and how you can access them.

PRP Treatment

You may have heard of this treatment before, PRP (platelet-rich-plasma) treatment, is a highly effective treatment option that helps with loose skin both on your face and on your body.

It works by taking your own blood and spinning it fast, in a centrifuge in order to separate the components of the blood into individual parts. Then the nutrient rich plasma is injected into targeted areas of the face or body. This promotes healing and growth and because it is your own blood, the results are a more natural and faster healing. Plus there is no need to worry about your body rejecting the serum, as it is your own concentrated plasma. 

This procedure has helped thousands of people Australia-wide and continues to be a popular loose skin treatment. It is quick and has little recovery time so many can fit it into their busy schedules without having to adjust too much.

All of this combined with the fact that it provides an effective and natural looking result makes it an ideal choice for many seeking treatment without the worry of chemicals or surgery.

PRF Treatment

Similar to PRP, platelet-rich fibrin is a treatment that utilises your own blood to promote healing. The main difference with this procedure and PRP, is that it uses a more concentrated mixture by spinning the blood at a lower speed.

We are excited to offer this treatment as we are one of the first clinics in Australia.

Your loose skin can be treated in a non-surgical way and again, has little recovery time. Because of the higher concentration of nutrients, the healing process is accelerated. In fact, PRF treatments tend to continue to release growth factors in your skin over time, even after your treatment is completed, making it a more effective treatment than PRP.

IV Collagen Drip

If you are after treatments that help tackle loose skin before it becomes a problem, then something like an IV collagen drop may help. Collagen is an essential and natural ingredient in the skin, which helps it remain soft and supple. By introducing this nutrient into your skin via IV drip along with vitamins B and C, you help give your skin a fighting chance against the natural effects of ageing.

EZ Gel Filler

Our vegan friendly gel fillers are a natural treatment that combines the power of your blood with a safe, injectable filler.

It provides instant results, and has longer lasting effects, plus it retains a relatively natural look.

This brand new treatment is only seeing the beginning stages of its potential in Australia and we are excited to see how this method of treating loose skin will develop further.

If you have loose skin or perhaps are anticipating it and wanting to mitigate the impacts, then reach out to us today and discuss your options in more detail. Each client is different and we treat each person uniquely, breaking down what treatment is truly best for you.

You can fight loose skin using a custom skin treatment approach through our amazing team at Hair and Skin Science.

Picture of Royce Newton

Royce Newton

Royce is responsible for expanding Hair and Skin Science throughout Australia, Asia and part of Europe.

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