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The Best Lip Filler Treatments

Your lips are a main feature of your face. They can be a great enhancer or unfortunately if asymmetrical, thin or changing in shape, can be work against us.

Perhaps you have been looking at your lips lately and wondered where their plumpness went. Or maybe you noticed that one side is sagging lower than the other? Maybe you are wanting to pump a little life back into your lips again. Whatever the reason, you have probably come across lip filler treatments. 

But how do you know what the best lip filler treatments are and if it is right for you?

In this article we discuss the best lip filler treatments and how you can obtain the plump, symmetrical and youthful lips you deserve. 

What are Lip Fillers

Lip fillers are commonly a gel made from hyaluronic acid. This is a substance already found in the skin and therefore is readily accepted by your body. 

Lip fillers are not just for plumping the lips up, but can be used for creating symmetry, defining cheeks and improving your jawline. 

The gel along with the experience of a professional creates a natural look, but if you are after a more dramatic look, this is possible too.

Other lip fillers such as EZ Gel Bio Filler is one that is derived from your own blood, increasing the natural look even more.

What is the best lip filler treatment?

The best lip filler treatment is not just one that uses the best materials, but it is also one that uses the best people.

Injecting the most expensive filler available into your lips won’t mean anything except bad news, if the doctor and nurses administering the treatment haven’t taken the time to sit with you and discuss your needs and desires.

For example, our team goes over your lips with you and determines the best course of action, correct amount of filler as well as the injection locations in order to achieve your desired results. 

We also use the best materials, staff and medical apparatus available to us as one of Australia’s leading hair and skin treatment operators.

We offer a variety of lip filler options such as general lip fillers, EZ gel fillers, Bio Fillers with PRF and Bio FIllers with Plasma.

What is important with lip filler treatments is having a detailed discussion with an experienced professional, such as a member of our team, who can learn form you what you are wanting exactly and then strategise the best plan of treatment to achieve the results.

Because of the years of experience and thousands of various clients, we can tailor treatment to best suit you, rather than just offering a cookie-cutter set of treatments. 

So if you are interested in lip fillers for whatever reason and want to know more about the procedure, filler types and options as well as how to obtain the desired results, then contact our knowledgeable team today and book a consultation. We understand the value in feeling comfortable and happy with your lips, one of your faces most prominent features.

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Royce Newton

Royce is responsible for expanding Hair and Skin Science throughout Australia, Asia and part of Europe.

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