Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) HAIR REGROWTH FAQ

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How does it PRP hair loss treatment work?

  • It involves tiny precision laid injections around stubborn areas (usually the frontal and crown), which are painless, to be inserted intradermally (best layer of the scalp to stimulate follicle growth and thickness). These injections are combined with meso-needling the entire scalp.
  • We are able to penetrate this layer and stimulate the follicle growth instantaneously.  The Platelet Rich Plasma has growth factors and stem cell-stimulating cells, which rejuvenates the hair follicles and promotes growth. The skin itself is not damaged but rather stimulated as well, giving a shiny appearance to the skin after treatment. The thickness of the follicle is also improved with stimulation by platelets and growth factors in the PRP. The procedure will eventually reinvigorate the hair cycle and attempt to grow new follicles whilst improving the thickness/strength of scalp hair.

Will I see results immediately?

  • No. PRP is not magic but hair growth will start to become visible in about 4-6 weeks or 8 weeks (case by case). Hair thickness will be the most prominent benefit. Growth factors take a long time to stimulate the hair follicles completely. This occurs months after the initial treatment. A minimum of 6 months is required to see significant benefits.

What does the treatment involve?

  • With a prescription medical-grade anaesthetic, your scalp will be numbed, and minimal discomfort will be caused by our PRP treatments.
  • Our Cosmetic nurses will then skilfully place tiny injections into the stubborn areas (typically frontal and crown) scalp skin which ensures the PRP is reaching the root of the hair follicles, this will be combined with mesoneedling on the entire scalp. A sample of your blood is taken first and then with a state of the art centrifuge process, the growth factor and platelet cells are extracted.
  • After the treatment, the skin may appear shiny and flushed. This is a normal phenomenon and takes approximately 4-6 hours to resolve. With the minimal downtime of PRP hair loss therapy, the skin will return to normal within 24 hours.
  • Treatment must be performed every 2 weeks for approximately 6 to 12 times in order to achieve optimum results. A top-up treatment may be required at the 3 month point depending on the results obtained.
  • Results will become more visible after 6 months only as the hair follicles take time to repair and strengthen. Gradual improvement will follow for the coming months over the rest of the 12-18 month treatment program.

How long do the effects of PRP treatment last?

  • Studies suggest that plain PRP treatments for hair loss are good for around 6 weeks while PRP treatments combined extracellular matrixes last for up to 2 years. However, repeated treatments may be required after 3 to 6 month.

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