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How to avoid hair loss in men?

Losing hair can be a stressful condition. It can seem hopeless as more and more hair falls out and you are unable to curb the baldness. You look at photos of your older relatives and one after another, you see their shiny heads glare the photos, taking up all the attention.

You frantically research remedies and treatments but the information online is confusing, expensive and varied. You want to understand how to avoid hair loss so you don’t flash back at the camera at the next family BBQ.

There is good news to all of this, because we have written this article to help you tackle hair loss before it is too late.

Firstly, it is important to understand the risks. Hair loss affects almost half the population over 40 years of age and about 20% of the population in their 20’s. Knowing your family history and predispositions to hair loss can help you understand if you may be at a higher risk than others. Some hair loss is genetic, others are spurred on by stress and some is just due to age. Whatever the case may be, understanding if your family has a strong history of hair loss or perhaps the elders in your family have a strong head of hair can be crucial for noticing the signs.

Other factors may play a role in hair loss, such as general health or perhaps side effects from medication you are taking. 

People online will go on in great detail about the natural remedies they employ in order to fight hair loss, but the truth of the matter is everyone is different and just because someone rubbed an old banana peel on their head doesn’t mean you won’t suffer from hair loss.

Of course there are good and sound decisions you can make to reduce hair loss naturally. Being healthy, reducing the stress in your life, looking after your hair, understanding the medication you are taking. But, some do all this and still suffer.

Science has come a long way and in the realm of hair loss treatments there are highly effective treatments that are more natural than you may think.

PRP and PRF Treatments

Your blood is powerful and since the 70’s scientists have utilised the power of the blood and the nutrients contained within to treat conditions. 

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) are two such treatments that have been developed and used for hair loss treatments. 

Blood is taken from you, and then spun at high speeds in a centrifuge in order to separate the components. What happens then is, the platelet rich plasma can be extracted and then injected into the scalp, beard or other trouble areas and this promotes the blood and hair follicles to grow. 

PRF is similar but is more advanced and utilises processes to obtain a more nutrient rich liquid for injecting. 

The results are a highly natural remedy that your body loves, because it is well, from your body. It actually works extra well, because your body can so easily accept the liquid and the risk of cross contamination is reduced.

PRP and PRF treatments are available across our clinics Australia-wide. 

Don’t look at your bald relatives with fear of your future anymore. Contact your nearest clinic and learn more about hair loss treatments for men. 

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