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How do I treat Alopecia?

Alopecia is a hair loss condition that impacts both men and women. It can affect the head, or in extreme cases it can impact the whole body. If you suffer from alopecia it can be debilitating socially and cause further problems. Young people who suffer from this condition tend to find it even more difficult as it feels like losing a big part of their identity.

Catching the signs of hair loss early is key to successful treatment. 

Our expert team of hair and skin specialists are equipped to deal with alopecia and other conditions, and in this article we will detail the specific alopecia treatments available.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

This is a non-invasive procedure that utilises the nutrients of your own blood to promote hair regeneration.

Firstly, blood is taken from your arm and processed into a centrifuge to separate the platelets. Then the platelet-rich plasma that was taken from the blood is injected into the affected areas of the scalp.

Combined with micro-needling, which is the process of using small, sterilised needles to promote collagen production. 

Our PRP process is rich in white blood cells and growth factors, which deliver messages to the skin cells to function at peak performance. The problem with alopecia is not that the hair follicles are dead, but rather the signals are not being received properly, so by promoting the cells, it helps promote your hair growth and gives you a healthier scalp.

Because PRP utilises your own blood, you have no risk of communicable diseases and also the activated hair growth tends to be thicker and natural looking. 

You won’t experience discomfort after this procedure, except in the rarest of circumstances, and you can go about your day as normal after the procedure.

Platelet-rich Fibrin (PRF)

We are actually the first clinic in Australia to offer this revolutionary treatment option for hair loss. It too is 100% sourced from your own body, therefore completely natural.

It is known for having incredible healing and regenerative properties. It is essentially the second generation of PRP treatment. PRF has a more concentrated amount of white blood cells, platelets and fibrin – which adds tremendously to the value of this treatment.

How this differs from PRP is by spinning the blood at a slower speed so that it causes less stress to the cells. It also causes the blood to separate less dramatically, so more white blood cells and stem cells remain in the platelet area, providing a richer, more concentrated treatment.

As mentioned, this technique pioneered in the United States, is available in our clinics throughout select locations in Australia. You can learn more here.

When should you seek treatment?

Deciding when to seek hair loss treatment can be a daunting choice. If you are experiencing hair loss, sometimes choosing treatment is admitting the problem. But, during the early stages are when the treatments have the best impact. If you have alopecia, or perhaps are showing the signs of alopecia, then don’t wait until it’s too late or more difficult to treat.

Our professionals understand the problems of hair loss, and better yet how to treat them. Each individual is different and having real and honest discussions with our team will help determine your needs and ultimately the best treatment options.

If you are in need of alopecia treatment, then reach out to us today and let’s talk about the next and right steps for you.

Royce Newton

Royce Newton

Royce is responsible for expanding Hair and Skin Science throughout Australia, Asia and part of Europe.

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