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Effective Pigmentation Treatments

Skin pigmentations or skin discolouring is a common worry for Australians as the harsh Aussie sun beats down on our population more intensely than other parts of the world. This along with heredity, and hormones can be a major factor in skin pigmentations and skin ageing in general.

If you have skin pigmentation you may have thought that there was nothing you could do about it. But there are in fact treatments for skin discolouration and they aren’t as inaccessible as you may think.

In this blog we discuss effective skin pigmentation treatments available here Down Under.

What is Skin Pigmentation?

Firstly, let’s clarify what skin pigmentation is and how you can spot it. It is essentially when patches of skin appear darker than your original skin tone. This isn’t a tan or sunburn, but more like dark spots, liver spots and even freckles.

Some occur due to ageing others are common during pregnancy due to differences in hormones. Oftentimes, skin pigmentation occurs in areas of the body that are exposed to the sun, like the face, hands or legs.

Some changes in pigmentation you may be fine with, such as freckles, but if they begin to increase in size and scope, or the balance of your features is too uneven, then it may be time to think about treatment options. It can be a real hindrance to your confidence and it can be a constant reminder of your age to see the skin pigmentation. 

CO2 Fractional Laser

One of the key treatments for skin pigmentation is a fractional laser. This treatment option can restore the brightness, evenness and elasticity to your skin. It uses a laser wavelength that specifically targets the discoloured skin. The laser is emitted from a hand held device manned by a professional. It uses thermal heat energy to target the pigmentation and bring the top layer of skin back, whilst promoting healing and rejuvenation.

This type of treatment is used for a variety of purposes and depending on the specific condition you are treating for, the amount of visits will differ. Collagen is stimulated and even deep pigmentation is affected by the laser. As the laser penetrates the layers of skin and then the layers of skin proceed to heal, they tighten as well, which helps with wrinkle reduction.

It is a more involved procedure and although it is still non-invasive there may be some downtime needed afterwards, especially if targeting a condition like deep acne scars. Nonetheless, we have treated thousands of individuals with this procedure and have seen great results.

IV Collagen Drip

Having healthier looking skin is essential for helping with skin pigmentation and choosing to get a collagen drip can greatly help. Our collagen drips also include vitamins B and C to really take treatment to a whole new level, helping skin feel and look younger, brighter and tighter. It is an effective treatment to couple with other skin treatment options.

Dealing with skin pigmentation can seem daunting but we at Hair and Skin Science make the process simple, easy and hassle-free. We work with you to explain the procedures clearly and talk about your skin care goals in order to customise a treatment approach, because in the end everyone is different.

If you are thinking about receiving treatment for skin pigmentation of any kind, then contact our team today and begin the process of getting your skin where you want it to be.

Jenna Chan

Jenna Chan

Jenna Chan is the founder and director of Hair and Skin Science and has worked in the hair loss industry for over 20 years.

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