PRP Vampire Facials In Brisbane

The vampire facial is one of the most popular treatments offered by Hair and Skin Science.

The vampire facial is the unofficial name for PRP facials, the cutting-edge treatment that uses the healing power of your own blood to target problem areas.

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PRP, Platelet Rich Plasma uses growth factors in your own blood to help promote healing and cell regeneration.

It’s an effective treatment for many common conditions including wrinkles, fine lines, uneven skin, loose or sagging skin and the many signs of ageing.

It’s also a treatment now available at the Hair and Skin Science clinic in Brisbane!


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About PRP facials in Brisbane

PRP facials, or vampire facials, are an innovative treatment for the many signs of ageing. The treatment can also tackle conditions such as hyperpigmentation, acne scarring and other skin conditions.

  • Vampire facials can address:
  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Loose or sagging skin
  • Acne and other scarring
  • Hyper pigmentation and discoloured skin
  • Uneven skin tone
  • And the many signs of ageing

PRP facials in Brisbane are safe and are performed in hygienic surroundings by experts. They can provide effective results without surgery, medication or chemical fillers.

Appointments last around 45 minutes, involve no surgery or invasive procedures and require no recovery.

Just some of the reasons it’s so popular!

PRP Vampire Facial Injection

How do Brisbane vampire facials work?

Vampire facials use the healing power of your own blood to target common conditions.

PRP, Platelet Rich Plasma, uses growth factors in your own blood to help promote healing. It also helps promote the regeneration of collagen and elastin, two essential ingredients in young, healthy looking skin.

We believe using concentrated amounts of growth factors and targeting them at specific areas helps the body accelerate healing, recovery and cell regeneration.

We have used PRP procedures thousands of times and consider them exceptionally effective for treating all manner of conditions.

The process works a little like this:

We draw a small amount of blood, like a blood test. We place that blood in a centrifuge to separate the blood plasma from the rest of the blood.

We then concentrate that plasma and prepare it for use..

We inject the plasma using tiny injections under the eyes. We then carefully use a derma pen to microneedle the entire face.

We then apply a yellow LED light to the treated area to help reduce inflammation and promote recovery.

Yellow LED is thought to help the body heal and avoids much of the redness and inflammation that can occur after a procedure.

Once the treatment is complete, you can go about your day as if nothing happened!

Vampire facial appointments last around 45 minutes, so can be performed in a lunch hour, before or after work whenever you like.

The vast majority of recipients experience no discomfort, no swelling or inflammation and show minimal signs of having undergone PRP treatment such as redness.


What you need to know about PRP facials in Brisbane:

PRP facials, vampire facials, are considered very effective and one of the safest cosmetic procedures you can have.

The procedure uses no medications, no chemicals, no fillers and no surgery.

It uses the healing power of your own blood to target problem areas and address the many signs of ageing as well as common skin conditions.

Using your own blood means almost anyone in good health can undergo a procedure.

We would ask you to check with your physician before undertaking any cosmetic procedure.

We would also ask that you stop taking any medication that impacts the blood and blood platelets before your appointment and discuss that medication with us beforehand.

If in doubt, check with your physician first.

After an appointment, we recommend minimizing exposure to the sun and using a natural moisturizer to help keep the skin hydrated.

We can recommend moisturizers should you need us to.

It is very rare for anyone to experience any ill effects from vampire facials. You may experience mild tenderness in the area or slight redness or tingling. This is normal and should pass within an hour or two.

Vampire facial FAQs

We firmly believe vampire facials work. We have treated over 50,000 people with a range of PRP treatments and have had great success. The vast majority of people have seen positive effects of the treatment and would recommend it to others.

As with most things medical, there are no guarantees. We are all different and your health, state of wellbeing and genetics all play a part in healing and how effective any procedure will be.

No, the vampire facial is not painful. It may involve minor discomfort due to the derma pen, but we take every precaution to minimise discomfort and to promote speedy recovery afterwards.

The derma pen has been specifically designed to be minimally intrusive and deliver its payload with little or no discomfort.

The beauty of this treatment is that it leaves no sign. You could visit in a lunch hour, after work or before an engagement and nobody would be the wiser!

A PRP facial appointment in Brisbane should take around 45 minutes. You’ll be welcomed and made comfortable before we draw the blood and prepare it for use. The surroundings are safe and hygienic and you’ll be well looked after.

Once the procedure is complete, you can leave and go about your day with little or no sign anything has happened.

Typically, we would expect to see results from PRP facials within a few weeks. Much will depend on your age, health, level of nutrition, any underlying conditions and your genes.

On average, a reasonably healthy person will begin seeing positive results within 7-10 days. PRP treatments are cumulative as we are promoting regeneration, so will take a little while.

How long the beneficial effects of a PRP facial lasts again depends on your health, age, level of nutrition and your genetic makeup. On average, our patients tell us that the effects can last up to 18 months.

We can schedule regular top up procedures that can keep the benefits going over the long term. We can discuss that with you during the appointment.

The vast majority of people we treat need no recovery time after a vampire facial in Brisbane. The procedure is designed to be minimally invasive, requires no surgery, no chemicals or medications, so there is no recovery required.

You may see mild redness or feel minor discomfort.

Yes, PRP facials are safe. The procedure uses your own blood, so the chances of rejection or side effects are slim to none. We have performed thousands of these procedures and are completely confident in their safety and effectiveness.

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